Fire service Father’s Day
By Member Joyce Shry
June 10, 2024

Father’s Day: the annual tradition in June, is when we thank the man in our lives that has cared for and mentored us and made sure we were safe. Being a loving and devoted father comes with more than a few challenges when you’re a firefighter.

In the fire service, we often think of ourselves as a large family. It’s not uncommon to hear firefighters refer to another firefighter as a father figure. Often, they are referring to someone from early on, a company officer or senior firefighter that mentored them early, an individual who took time to teach them the complexity of the job.

This Father’s Day let’s take some time to reflect on our fire service teachings and the core values instilled into us. Let’s appreciate the time, sacrifice, love, and passion they provided us to make us the firefighters we are today. They kept us safe and raised us to mentor the next generation of firefighters.

To all volunteer fire service fathers – thank you! Take time to honor your volunteer fire service fathers. A firefighter and a father—two toughest jobs on the planet! If you are successful at both, then you are, in every sense of the word, a hero.

Happy Father’s Day to all.