June is Professional Wellness Month
By Member Joyce Shry
June 3, 2024

Professional Wellness Month (aka Employee Wellness Month) is celebrated each year in June. It throws light on the workplace’s role and focuses on how organizations that place emphasis on professional wellness are largely successful, attract top talent, and drive employee retention. It’s a time where employers encourage their employees to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being in the workplace.

Professional Wellness is important as it promotes a healthy work-life balance, helps to reduce stress levels, encourages personal and professional growth, and improves overall quality of life.

Let’s celebrate Professional Wellness Month:

1. Take a break from work. It’s important to recharge to perform better.
2. Reconnect with your colleagues. This can help foster a more friendly work environment.
3. Introduce a fitness class at work.

Five Fascinating Facts about Workplace Wellness:

1. It helps in recruitment.
2. It helps retain talent.
3. Varieties of workplace wellness.
4. Improves company goodwill.
5. Helps people make better lifestyle choices.

Professional Wellness improves productivity, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.