Motherhood in the Fire Service
By Member Joyce Shry
May 9, 2024

Being a firefighter mom is a unique and admirable role. Firefighters put their lives on the line to protect others, and their families play an essential part in supporting them.

Women make up a small percentage of firefighters, both volunteer and career, and they face unique challenges. The challenges that female firefighters have is much physical fitness and getting along with our male counterparts and working together as a team.

Today, women are found in all ranks of the fire service, from recruit firefighters to chiefs of departments. Women fire chiefs lead organizations ranging in size from small volunteer fire departments to large metropolitan fire departments. Many of the departments that were on the cutting edge of hiring women in the 1970s and 1980s employed these women through a full career to retirement, and are now experiencing the power of mentorship as the second generation of women are entering the fire service and joining these pioneering departments. The women who volunteer or serve as firefighters within today’s fire service share the same dedication to their work and commitment to their community as the women 200 years ago.

Integrating women into organizations and departments that for generations had been bastions of all-male “homes-away-from-home” has not been easy. Despite more women serving in the fire service in recent years, growth and inclusion of women in the ranks has been extremely slow and lags behind the growth of women in other male-dominated fields.

Ultimately, a diverse firefighting team leads to improved performance, better problem-solving, and a stronger connection with the communities they serve.

In recognition of Mother's Day, we congratulate mom's for being firefighters.

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