Carnival Season is upon us............
By Member Joyce Shry
June 6, 2018

There's all kinds of attractions at a carnival. For the young and early crowd, it is all about the rides. But even the most ride-obsessed carnival-goer cannot resist the allure of the other attractions on hand, the midway games, country markets, music, bingo and like so many others, plan on scoring some good food!

Despite the warm nights, a steady stream of cars usually fill the grassy lot of the local volunteer fire and rescue station holding their annual carnival. Most carnivals are six nights a week, depending upon the weather, because a little bit of rain can have a major impact on the overall success of the carnival.

Many carnivals are part of the array of attractions which make for a cultural tradition, among local families and a part of growing up for teens, and it is our responsibility in keeping those families safe.

Our volunteer organizations obtain some funding from the county, but it is by no means enough to buy our buy a fire engine, an ambulance or to pay for any changes to our building, we have to raise money ourselves. Most monies collected from our carnivals goes to those causes.

You may also learn about volunteering with us. You can sign up today at!

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